Family Faith Formation

As a Parish, we have adopted a new model for Faith Formation. We have stepped away from the

model of PREP(CCD) and have replaced it with Family Faith Formation.


Why Family Faith Formation? 


Numerous studies show that parents are the most important  element in a child’s faith-life. This why the Church asks parents, at their child’s Baptism, to accept the responsibility of forming their child in the practice of the faith. Family Faith Formation is designed to give you the confidence and tools to live out that promise. 


Family Faith Formation will allow parents to experience community in the parish, find support among other Catholic parents, and learn, experience, and grow in their own faith along with their children. 


This program gives you the flexibility you need to deepen your family’s faith formation together at a time most convenient for your family. 

What does the year for Family Faith Formation look like? 

Once a month Parents will receive faith formation and lesson plans for the topic of the month.  

During this monthly meeting, 2nd grade students will meet for Sacramental prep. Grades 3-5 will also gather during this time for a faith filled night. 

2x a month, parents will do at home lessons with their family in place of weekly Religious Education. 


There will be various events and  activities that will take place at the Parish which will serve as an opportunity to bring all families together!

We want for your family to live and experience the Catholic faith together. 

Meeting Dates for 2018-2019 

October 10th-7-8pm 
November 7th- 7-8pm 
December 5th- 7-8pm 
January 9th- 7-8pm 
February 6th- 7-8pm 
March 6th- 7-8pm 
April 10th- 7-8pm 
May 1st- 7-8pm


26 East Villa Place 

Fort Thomas,KY